Saturday, February 22, 2020


A Time To Be Born and A Time To Die - by Everlee Whitman - is the first book of the Time For Everything series. All books in this series follow Ecclesiastes 3:18 - A Time for Everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
A Time To Be Born and A Time To Die is a Living River Ranch romance. It is a ranch for therapy and rehabilitation services, to cater to people with special needs.
Margaret and Matthew's grandfather's demise leaves the ranch in Margaret's hands. Can she manage the ranch and a new relationship simultaneously? 
Margaret's grandfather left her a great legacy and she was determined that, with all the love and help from her community, she would conquer her grief and continue the ranch's faith mission into the future.
Noah's late father had been Margaret's grandfather's right hand. So Noah was allowed to manage the animals, do farm maintenance and general ranch upkeep. 
Margaret, with her feisty side, was determined to ensure that her grandfather's vision for the ranch would be fulfilled. She was clearly cut out of the same cloth, with her stubborn, inquisitive streak, being smart as a whip and as capable as any man on the ranch.
Noah loved Margaret and he had her grandfather's blessing to marry her.
Friends since childhood, they had worked together on the ranch. Margaret needed time to realize Noah's love for her. When Margaret and Noah went on their first date together, the date was perfection personified. Having known Margaret from childhood, Noah knew all her likes and dislikes and set out to delight her. When Noah proposed, Margaret accepted, with all the live in her heart. At that moment, a divine peace descended upon her, confirming God's blessing upon them. 
True to the name of the book, there is a time for everything, a time to be born and a time to die. A baby was born to a ranch helper and Margaret's grandfather had died. There is s time for rest and winter to herald the new season of growth and birth. Margaret's season of growth had come. She would mature in the role of serving her family and community with a healthy balance. I highly recommend this beautiful book of family love and affection to all who wish to enjoy a good, healthy, Christian read.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

STILL - Jenny L. Donnelly

In "Still," Jenny L. Donnelly helps us to still our souls and discover the rest God planned for us. She shows us how to experience true, life-giving rest.

Miriam Jacob

Monday, December 16, 2019


"Letting Go This Christmas" by Natasha Queen is a second chance holiday romance. Poignant and thought-provoking, it is all about letting go of past memories to pave the way for the brilliant future ahead. Unless past memories are voluntarily given up, the future can never arrive. It is how we deal with our past experiences, and the memories they bestow, that shapes the beauty of our character. In life, the priceless jewels of love and friendship are the precious things a person needs to survive.
In "Letting Go This Christmas," the only thing holding Cleo back is herself and her past memories, as she passionately clings to them for dear life, refusing to let go. Cleo had a lot of questions and no answers. Although Cleo was everything Charlie ever wanted in a bride, she was hopelessly tied up in her past, painful, bittersweet memories, unable to break free.
It was only when Charlie found a mutual link to Cleo's past and bridged the gap that Cleo's frozen heart finally melts, throwing  the floodgates wide open, and allowing love to heal all the wounds in her heart.
Natasha Queen is an expert at genuine affairs of the heart, recognizing the authentic nature of true love, and skillfully depicting it in her characters.
"Letting Go This Christmas" is an endearing story of true love that tugs at our heartstrings. It captures the latent love hidden in ordinary humdrum everyday lives, highlighting selfless acts of compassion and care. It leads us to examine our own hearts and inspires us to let go of past memories that only hinder us from moving forward. It explores the innocent, heartfelt loyalty of love, in a deeply-moving, dramatic story-within-a-story. I highly recommend this poignant, heart-moving book by an extremely gifted author and master wordsmith, Natasha Queen, who signs the book with her inimitable seal of perfection.

© Miriam Jacob

Friday, November 15, 2019


"The Outback Governess" by Sarah Williams is a sweet journey to love. The poignant story of how Paige and Logan discover their love for each other makes a deep impact upon readers and wins their hearts instantly. Paige comes as an outback governess, only to find her God-given calling as a mother to motherless children. Her wide hazel eyes, delicate features and simple natural beauty, coupled with her deep commitment and selfless devotion to duty and love, wins all their hearts, as Paige finally finds her true home, and a family to love her. As a governess, she teaches them all what real love is, and this translates into real life. As no review can ever truly capture the beauty of this really inspiring book, be sure to get your own copy of "The Outback Governess" and all she stands for. Sarah Williams is a bestselling author of the best love stories that the human heart yearns for. You will be fully satisfied with her books, and I highly recommend them!

 © Miriam Jacob 

Monday, October 21, 2019


"The Fortunate Accident" by Emily Deady is a most enjoyable, clean love story that is true to its name. When Derrik, a young ship's crewman is injured, General Strand's daughter, Lady Aida, a beautiful  lady with the gentlest of eyes, visits him daily. She has loved him for ever so long but he doesn't know it as she concealed it from him. All he knows is that her happy face kindles a fire in his heart and he doesn't want to fan the flames. As Derrik's heart opens to Aida and his feelings grow for her, he feels it might be much easier for her if she doesn't know how much he cares for her. As it wasn't possible that they could ever build a life together,  due to the complex pecking order of the upperclass hierarchy, both as a titled lady and the General's daughter. Derrik didn't want to lead her on falsely, without hope. But Derrik needn't have worried. Aida's love for him was a natural gift that couldn't be denied. This lighthearted, clean novella guarantees a perfect happily ever after! I highly recommend it to all who wish to read a beautiful, uplifting love story, to enjoy to their hearts' content.

Miriam Jacob 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fake Fiance Fiasco - Natasha Queen

"Fake Fiance Fiasco" by Natasha  Queen is true to its name. Here is another heart-stopping, second chance, sweet romance, to hold your undivided attention from start to finish. You will be so engrossed, spellbound and captivated that it will be virtually impossible for you to put the book down. The two main characters, Katie and Max  spring to life with amazing resilience, sparkling wit and humor. Natasha's characters  are so realistically portrayed and skillfully delineated that you will happily follow the lives of these sensitive people, who choose true love above all else, to be the guiding light of their lives. Katie's unrequited love, spanning decades, is richly rewarded when Max finally realizes that she is the only person who really loves him for who he is. The human heart always recognizes the authentic nature of true love. Natasha's books are emblazoned  with the ring of truth. She is a truly gifted and talented author, who describes true love in her books exactly as it exists in real life. I highly recommend this book to all who want to read about true love in the printed word and its digital formats.

Miriam Jacob 

Friday, September 27, 2019

LOVE'S SACRIFICE - Evangeline Kelly

"Love's Sacrifice" by Evangeline Kelly is a heartwarming Christian story about God’s love and the redemptive power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. "Love's strength lies in love's sacrifice, and He who suffers most has most to give." In this inspiring book, Evangeline teaches us the priceless lessons of a pure heart and a sterling character. "The heart has its reasons of which reason cannot know." After facing the heartrending turmoil of separation during the first few days of their marriage, and spending six months apart, the two main characters learn the true meaning of love's sacrifice when they give their hearts to the Lord. Christ died for us and His undying love for us is the reason for our faith. Evangeline speaks directly to the hearts of her readers, inspiring us to think about everything that is beautiful and good. I highly recommend this book to all who want to learn the true beauty of love's sacrifice.

Miriam Jacob