Saturday, June 14, 2014


Science and the Bible are intricately linked in the most remarkable way. Both have God’s imprint on them. Both are divine records of God’s speech. God is the Author of the Bible and the Creator of Science. He instituted the laws of nature which govern the earth. God reveals Himself in Creation, in the Bible and in Science. God created the Universe with evidence to prove that He created it, evidence that is indisputable, irrefutable, undeniable, unquestionable and inarguable. Does Science discredit the Bible? Certainly not. The Bible revealed scientific facts before Science ever did. Did evolution produce man? Definitely not.

God created the Universe, the Earth and everything in it. He sustains the Universe and mankind by His Word. The great Architect and eternal Designer – the Creator God – is at the helm of His creation. A detailed analysis of Science and Faith reveals many facts worthy of notice. Faith does not contradict Science. It only affirms the basic principles of Science. Science does not oppose faith or render it unacceptable. When Science and the Bible are viewed in the correct perspective, they mutually support one another. Modern Science presents compelling evidence in scientific data that testifies to an intelligent Designer and a supernatural Creator who created the Universe.

Life is full of questions about the relationship between Science and the Bible. The most important question is “Does God exist?” This is the fundamental question of life. If God does not exist, we cannot search for Him. In order to prove the existence of God, we must convince Science about Creation. The evidence to prove God’s existence is very convincing. Consider the Creation of the Universe. To say that it came into existence by accident raises a volley of questions with no satisfactory answers. The Big Bang  theory does not prove where the original matter used for the formation of the Universe came from. A Big Bang cannot create something from nothing. How can the amazingly complex and perfect life forms of earth evolve out of nothing?

Science demands proof for life’s existence but the stark reality is that evolution does not prove anything at all. Contrary to its high-handed claims, evolution does not have all the answers to the complex issues of life. “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism” raises its voice among scientists doubting Darwinism, who are skeptical of claims that random mutation and natural selection can account for the complexities of life. Modern scientific research reveals the inadequacy of Darwinism to account for the huge amounts of information stored in living things.

Can Science prove that the perfect order, unique design and universal laws of the Universe came into existence from a Big Bang? Does Science affirm that an eternal Brain did not create such astounding perfection from the exquisite beauty of nature, to the sheer expanse of outer space, right down to the most minute , microscopic organisms? Scientifically, there is now much more evidence to support the existence of an intelligent Designer behind the creation of the Universe than there ever was against it. Today, a lot of contemporary scientists tend to believe in the dominance of creation over evolution. Such a perfectly created Universe can never come about by chance. God wins in the dramatic debate of creation versus evolution.

God created the Universe at His express command. What is seen did not emerge from anything visible. God brought the Universe into existence by the power of His Word. Creation had a specific beginning from the Word of God. It all began with the Creator God as the Bible specifically states. God, the eternal Designer, who made the world and everything in it, also instituted the universal laws of nature, as eternal Law-giver. He is the Lord of heaven and earth. The most valid evidence for creation is man, who has a unique personality and a conscience, with the power to make independent and intelligent choices, and distinguish right from wrong. “Man is fearfully and wonderfully made.” Evolution can never produce such extraordinary human qualities.

Can anyone fathom the mysteries of God? Science has to analyse and explain mysteries using reason and logic. God is beyond the scope of Science because He created it. Neither Science nor Creation can understand the Creator for choosing to do things the way He wills. Both Creation and Science can only accept and live within the limits imposed by the Creator. God is beyond man’s understanding. We can only understand God as He chooses to reveal Himself to us through His Holy Word and through prayer as we communicate with God. Let us bow before the Creator God, the Maker of heaven and earth. To Him be the honor and glory for ever. Amen.

© Miriam Jacob

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