Monday, May 23, 2011


With a fresh voice in Christian fiction, Nicole Baart captivates the hearts of people worldwide with her poignant and personable style, unfolding a glorious triumph of transformation in "Beneath the Night Tree" as she vividly portrays an imaginative story of discovery in a passionate journey of becoming. Julia DeSmit discovers the true meaning of her life when she confronts the unforgiving past to reconcile it with her "come-to-terms-with-it" present and assimilate it into a bright and hopeful future. A series of unresolved relationships are skillfully addressed and the deft interplay of thought coupled with action and dialogue is truly memorable as Julia wonders if God really has a part to play in her young life. This is a beautiful story of redemption, worth its weight in gold. Julia's shining faith and ultimate dependence on God is clearly outlined as the foundation for a brilliant narrative in which God's grace reigns in abundance and Julia finds her true self and God's blessings in the midst of a sea of uncertainty.

© Miriam Jacob

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