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"Finding True Freedom From the White House to the World" is an outstanding memoir of Harry S. Dent by his devoted daughter, Ginny Dent Brant.

Harry S. Dent was a most inspiring leader, a powerful political heavyweight, a hard-driving activist and a trailblazing pioneer, but his greatest and most profound impact was as a humble and dedicated servant who led countless people to Christ.

Harry loved God and here lies his true greatness. His passion for truth won him the greatest victory in his life. He was a courageous man who did not flinch in the face of adversity. Harry passionately stood for freedom and staunchly defended it. Freedom is a striking paradox. It involves answering God's call for our lives. Harry responded to God's call and he found life in all its fullness.

As Ginny describes it vividly, Harry's "passionate love glows incandescently - for America, then for God." After the darkness of Watergate drew a veil over a distressing chapter of Harry's political life, another whole lifetime began for him. It was a new day and a new time in which Harry's own Watergate experience prompted him to begin an eternal and never-ending quest for the ultimate truth.

Harry S. Dent was a visionary, quick to view a good cause as an opportunity to do what was right. He was a good person at heart, a man of courage and integrity. As Ginny says, "God had my father's heart in His hands, and He was changing him day by day." In February 1978, Harry Dent, aged forty-eight, finally gave his heart and life to God. It is not surprising to know that his greatest days were still ahead, waiting to see the light of dawn in the wings of time.

When Harry Dent invited Christ into his life, the change in him was real and lasting. He became aware of what freedom truly is. He was powered and propelled by a passionate love for God and for people, which eventually led to the birth of his ministry called "Laity Alive and Serving", whose motto was "The Purpose of Life is to serve God." It was a channel for Harry to exhort people to live wholeheartedly for Christ.

For Ginny, supporting her dad in his ministry was one of the greatest joys of her life. It was something she did for about fifteen years. She writes, "We were the father-daughter duo, and God's intervention in our lives made for a powerful story."

When Harry Dent eventually left politics in 1981, he sensed that God had chosen him for a special call and divine purpose. He decided to follow God's agenda and God's plan for his life. Harry's testimony states, "I am free in Christ." Ginny adds that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. "And only in Him can we find true freedom." "Freedom from bondage to sin is a precious gift indeed." Harry was striving "to know Him and make Him known."

Confronting life's key question, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?", Ginny reveals the awesome secret of how to confront death itself. Writing about a friend whose gteatest fear was facing death, Ginny narrates how he learnt to face death with grace, kneeling at the foot of the cross of Calvary.

Harry and his wife, Betty knew with all their heart that they must first connect to God in order to be successful in carrying out His plan for their lives. They learnt to depend on God each moment of every day. They knew that safety was being right in the middle of God's will, where there is divine peace and security. They refused to fit into a certain pattern, having discovered that they were unique, one-of-a-kind people, who loved God with their whole heart and soul.

Ginny Dent Brant has written a soul-stirring story of her father's life, filled with some of the most inspiring spiritual insights and thoughtful reflections of God's divine love and grace towards her family. As they passed through the long dark tunnel of their father's illness together, not one of them has forgotten what God did for their father. They saw God's Hand in their family, and they were grateful.

Harry Dent and his devoted family found their true freedom in Christ, stepping out confidently from the White House to the world. Ginny discovered that "freedom is a tremendous gift - and freedom in Christ is the best kind of freedom one can acquire." To God be all the glory!

© Miriam Jacob

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