Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Is your faith doggedly determined to withstand difficult times when the storms of life beat upon you with relentless fury? An unshakeable faith can keep you standing firmly on the unsinkable Rock, despite the storms beating around you like a turbulent sea.

The Apostle Peter was a very run-of-the-mill kind of person, a hard-working fisherman, very passionate and overly headstrong, famed for being 'impetuous, impulsive and overeager.'

Jesus singled him out for a most extraordinary mission. Simon, the faltering fisherman, was transformed into Peter the Rock, to lead Christ's Church strongly in the fiery face of persecution.

The greatest triumph of Peter's life was the fact that although, when Christ was betrayed, Peter fearfully denied knowing Him, thirty years later, Peter fearlessly died for his faith in Christ. This was his vindication.

What brought about such an awesome change of heart? God inculcated eight 'faith traits' in Peter to produce an unshakeable faith, guaranteed to weather every single storm in Peter's life.

These eight spiritual factors will give you an 'obedient, dependent and trusting relationship with your Savior,' to depend and rely upon when trials strive to unsettle you.

Life is full of the most extraordinary trials and difficulties. The only firm foundation for you to stand on is a rock-solid faith in God that is not easily moved. Peter's remarkable life reveals that God can transform a fragile, faltering faith into a strong, unshakeable faith.

Trait One reveals that you are secure in the love of God who chose you to be His very own.

In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus saw Peter and his friends washing their nets and getting ready to go home after fishing all night to no avail. Yet, Jesus told Peter 'to take the boat back out into the water and put the freshly-cleaned nets down for a catch.' Peter stared at Jesus in disbelief but obeyed Him at once. There instantly occurred an incredible miracle right in front of their eyes. 'The catch was so large they had to call for another boat.'

Two other miracles also occurred simultaneously in Peter's heart. Peter's perception of Jesus changed in the twinkling of an eye. He saw His Master in a new light. Peter's perception of himself also changed radically. As he perceived Christ's awesome power and authority, he also became acutely aware of his own wretchedness. A deep sense of sin overwhelmed him. 'Now Peter was ready to follow Jesus.'

 © Miriam Jacob

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