Tuesday, October 6, 2015

THE PROOF IS IN THE FRUIT by Kenneth H.B. Adderley

“The Proof is in the Fruit" by Kenneth H.B. Adderley is an interesting study on the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. The fruit produced is the direct result of the growth of the seed planted in the heart of the Christian. It reveals the true character of Christ in our hearts and lives. The seed of the fruit is planted in us when we are saved by accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts and receiving the Holy Spirit by faith. The fruit is the product of the germination of the seed planted into the soil of our hearts. The fruit, when replanted into the soil, will produce more fruit.

The Fruit of the Spirit will help us to control and uproot the works of the flesh. The Fruit of the Spirit keeps us protected from the world, the flesh and the devil. The Fruit of the Spirit is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as a result of a direct transformation by the living God. We live a new and transformed life by faith in Jesus Christ. We believe in the divine power of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the blessed Holy Spirit to save us from our sins and give us a brand new life. The old life is dead and gone. The new life in Christ has come. The Christian is born again to live a new life rooted in Christian values and morals. The Fruit of the Spirit is the proof of a new life transformed by Jesus Christ.

This book deals with the fruit of the Spirit in an all-encompassing, wide-ranging variety of topics that includes our relationship with God, self and others. Love seeks the highest good in others, giving freely, unconditionally and by choice. Our human love is conditional but God’s love is unconditional, patient, consistent, always there. It is true, time-tested love. God’s wisdom is pure, gentle, peaceful, ever-yielding, kind and merciful. Love endures everything, believes all things and is always hopeful and loyal. Love never fails.

Joy is the sweet happiness that emanates from our precious fellowship with God. It is irrespective of circumstances. It is the joy of the Lord in our hearts. God wants us to be joyful even when in the midst of difficult situations. Real lasting joy comes only from the Lord.

Peace is the direct result of a consistent relationship with God. It is a calm state of rest that comes when we seek God in our lives. Peace is the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Peace with GOD involves trusting in our everloving God and in the strength of our relationship with Him.

Patience bears up under extremely difficult  situations  with endurance and longsuffering.  

Kindness looks for the good in people  regardless of their actions. 

Patience develops our faith, allowing us to do all things in love. It makes us perfect and complete in God.  The testing of our faith produces patience. We must let go of the things that we hold onto in our lives.
Kindness starts in the heart. It is a growth process, the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

Goodness is being good, kind and generous. It is the lifestyle that  God intended for us. It fulfills  God’s purpose. It meets the expectations and standards set by God. 

Goodness is exemplified in God’s own character.

Faithfulness towards God and others encompasses obedience, trustworthiness, loyalty and reliability. 

Gentleness is power and strength under control. It is enduring injury with unresentful patience.

Self-control is having a full, perfect and complete control over one’s thoughts, actions, mind and body.

Faithfulness is what you believe in. It is a wholehearted and unwavering trust in a person, cause, belief or idea. It is loyal, obedient, constant, reliable and devoted. It exemplifies your true character and the perfect reflection of God in your life. 

Miriam Jacob

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