Thursday, October 6, 2016

WHO STOLE THE COOKIES? by Dr. Alex Mathew - Introduction

by Dr. Alex Mathew


Every human situation is unique and yet the thread running across these situations are essentially the same. 59% of people who voluntarily go for counseling are women. About 30% are men who come under compulsions and are generally unprepared for structured counseling. Just about over 10% of children are thrust into professional counseling by eager teachers and parents constrained by the nuisance they are to the schools and homes. It is so sad. Children do not come with problems (except in organic dysfunctions). home, school, peers and society spur on the children to adopt unhealthy ways of coping which make them get labels like ‘abnormal’, ‘Problem child’ , ADHD, Cyclothymiacs, and even Bipolar and so on. Parents want to shift the responsibility to ‘fix’ their children and pass them on to professionals hardly taking time to ‘look and see’ the small problems and pains their children are in. 

Passing the buck is a favorite game of all generations not fully realizing what damages ’labels’ can bring about in the lives of others. Too bad that people do not have the time for others nor the disposition to ‘look and see’ the flow of events even in intra-family situations. In between the stories there are some serious teachings related to human existence and the Abiding principles of getting on in life which would help to people to open their eyes and perceive. Mostly this book is trying to say ‘look and see’ think through and be released from the bondage of facultative myopia; the blindness of convenience. Man wants to carve out a niche for himself. Anything or anyone that is felt as an inconvenience is blamed to derive some satisfaction, not caring for the damage that gets spread in the process.

© Alex Mathew

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