Thursday, October 20, 2016


By Dr. Alex Mathew 


Who Stole the cookies is first of a series of four books in the manner of the Nursery Rhyme “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”……. 
“Who me…..?” 
“Oh No, not me”…. 
“Johnny stole the cookies from the cookie jar…….”

 The simple everyday stories of ordinary lives tell us of the human tendency to shift the blame on to someone else. In its advanced form it amounts to firing ones gun from the shoulders of others causing serious damages all around.
There is nothing surprising about this tendency as we all know this keep happening and we generally take it for granted that it is the other person’s fault. From the very beginning of creation this art of living together in blame shifting kept happening.

 This book is to make you think where exactly lays the dice and what exactly does it show. We are generally not bothered. We need to; not to poke our long nose into the affairs of others. But in love we are to be helpers in the constraining love of Christ to be servants and givers.

Look around wherever you are right now. You see many objects; animate and inanimate. Have you made any of them? …. even an atom? The millions of Dollars being spent with the Haddon Collider to make a ‘god particle’ are closer to success reports say. Well, thank you.

Whatever we see, whatever we have; are all givens; given free. If that is so, we have the onus to give. We receive because we belong to the giver and so are all else. Sharing is a basic responsibility. Sharing of the love that we keep receiving, the peace that passeth understanding, the compassion so generously meted out, and so of joy, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, humility, benevolence, forgiveness, gratitude and all that is good, bad and mixed. All are gifts and we need to be thankful in all situations. We take personal credit for the good and blame others; if not God, for all the bad that happens. It is here we need to know the truth behind the realities we face. All realities are not truth. There is only one truth and that truth sets us free. There is only one Thesis; all else are antithesis of the only thesis; God IS.

The point I am making is we need to train ourselves to encounter the truth in small and big things and if we think through, we will be able to see the truth behind it all. And that paves the way to freedom, freedom to understand and discern. “Who stole the cookies?” is a humble effort to let you think; if not anything else of the frailties of mankind. 

© Alex Mathew

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