Thursday, June 29, 2017

TESTED BY FIRE - by Kelley Latta

TESTED BY FIRE - by Kelley Latta

Published by: Kelley Latta Ministries & Snowfall Press © 2012

 Publisher: Christian Book Services;

Imprint: Carpenter's Son Publishing;

Revised edition (April 1, 2014).

ISBN-13: 978-1940262062

In her book "Tested by Fire," Kelley Latta unveils the most striking truths, as she helps us to discover the treasures hidden in God's Word, until we come face to face with the most precious Treasure of all Treasures, the Lord Jesus Christ. Is the foundation of your life built on solid rock or sinking sand? Will it withstand the test of time? Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone of the House that God built. Are you a member of His Royal Family? There is eternal life in God's House.

Jesus Christ is our Rock; the solid foundation on which we stand. We are securely held within the safety of God's Hand when we receive the lavish gift of grace poured out to us through His Son. We have to receive Jesus into our hearts, crown Him Lord of our lives, take up His cause voluntarily and relinquish all rights to our own lives, handing over everything to Jesus, the rightful owner of our souls. God gives us salvation through the gift of His Son, a gracious gift of life, a glorious gift of grace. This comes at a personal cost.

God wants us to lay down our will and embrace His Holy Will. He invites us "to live according to His plan in the safety of His protection." If we allow God to write the story of our lives, He promises to give us the fruits of His kingdom. A glorious eternal future will be ours. May the light of Jesus shine ever so brightly in our hearts! May we hear His gentle voice whispering to us softly as He guides us through the tangled maze of life. Let us treasure the beauty of His life-giving Word as we get to know the precious Holy Spirit in a wonderful, soul-satisfying and "fruit-bearing relationship with the King of Kings."

Seek God in His Word and He will give you a fruitful harvest. Your faith will grow into a ripe fruit for Christ. Lay the first stone to set a firm foundation in your faith-life. Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone, the bright Morning Star, the Light of Life. Let us build our faith on the firm foundation of Christ the Rock as an everlasting monument to the glory of the Lord. God speaks to us through His Son and expects us to obey Him wholeheartedly. Jesus Christ is the brilliant radiance of God's dazzling glory. Let us not forget that "to the heart that desires to know Him, He will make Himself known." Let us pray for the gift of His Presence in our hearts, to give us the strength to live a new life in Him. "He who promised is faithful and He will do it."

God desires sweet fellowship with His children. He gave us His Son so that we could become His very own. The Divine Artist paints a vivid portrait of His love in His Word. Ask God to open your heart to the truth of His Word. The tender whisper of the Shepherd beckons us to safe pasture. To tap into the abundance of Christ, we must know Him intimately. Redeemed by the Blood of Christ, we are one with Him in perfect unity. God's Word communicates Jesus to the members of His Body, the Church. God's Word reveals His instructions to His people, to obey in order to receive His blessing. God's Spirit will guide us in spirit and truth, taking what He hears from Jesus and giving it to us. The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us, His children and our Guide to His blessed Will. Christ, the Rock of Life meets us in His Word, the Book of Life, to give us new life in the Spirit.

© Miriam Jacob

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